11 Astounding & Fascinating Ideas of Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys!

8 year olds…an age where a child starts identifying his self-interests, likes and dislikes. If you pay closer attention, you may as well discover his hobbies and interests. It is during this period, that your son will gradually climb the ladder from a being a child to a boy.

gifts for 8 year old boys

So, with your son’s eighth birthday looming around the corner, you must have already started your online and offline screenings ruffling through numerous gifts for 8 year old boys. Which is the right one? Which one will bring a smile to his face?

Well, here are some potential answers!

11 spell bounding gifts for 8 year old boys:

1. An Archery Kit:

Now, which boy wouldn’t love to hit the bull’s eye with his set of arrows? Let your child discover his inner warrior with a toy archery kit. You can even ask him to call over his friends…arrange a competition. It will be fun! Take a look here –

2. Digital Watches:

Digital Watches


Watches are by far one of the best gift ideas for 8 year old boy. Especially, the digital ones with their bright neon backlights and attractive vinyl seem to attract the attention of every boy out there.

Wondering where to get one from? Click below; this might help!

3. A Pair of Walkie Talkies:

A Pair of Walkie Talkies

While your child may always want to unveil the secrets of your cell phone, get him a pair of walkie-talkies. Give one to your son and keep the other with you. Summon him to you or call him for dinner via the walkie-talkie. Your child will just love the gift.

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4. RC Cars:

RC Cars


Boys love cars! That’s a straight-faced fact known to every man and woman. These RC cars come in varied features and amenities and your kid won’t be able to keep his eyes off the four-wheeler.

However, be careful to keep the RTC away from water as it can damage the product.

5. An Electric Train Set:

An Electric Train Set


Leave aside boys; trains fascinate even grown-up men! Train sets can be very interesting to assemble, operate and reassemble and are one of the best gifts for 8 year old boy. Be a part of his experiment as he customizes the tracks and makes a grid of his own.

Your young lad will embrace the idea of your engagement with bright eyes. Have a look –

6. T-shirts with Catchy Taglines:

T-shirts with Catchy Taglines


Let your son know how important he is. Make his eighth birthday even more special by buying him a casual fitting cotton t-shirt adorning a catchy birthday phrase. It is sure to make his day. Don’t be surprised to get a hug from him instantly.

For such presents for 8 year old boy, have a look here –

7. Transformers Action Figure:

Transformers Action Figure


Which kid doesn’t know the epic battle between Autobots and Decepticons? An action figure set of Optimum Prime and Megatron will do wonders as a gift to your 8 year old boy.

Allow him to save the world by defeating the leader of the mighty Decepticons. Here is one such product –

8. Scientific Explorer Kit:

Scientific Explorer Kit

Want to witness your boy’s inner scientist come out? Scientific kits today are among the preferable Christmas gift ideas for 8 year old boy. These boxes contain everything from a toy scissor to an operating tool kit. Your son will love it.

9. Caster Boards:

Caster Boards


After skateboards, caster boards are now in trend as amazing gift ideas for 8 year old boy. Skateboarding is a hidden passion of every young guy and caster boards suffice precisely to the purpose.

Last season, I gifted a similar product to my 8 year old son. He was simply overjoyed with the gift and hugged me tightly. Trust me; your child will love it as well.

10. Military Vests:

Military Vests

Want to play army with your kid? Gift him a toy military vest on his birthday. These vests are designed for strategic fun plays and also provide demo ammunition’s to solve the purpose.

Currently, it is one of the best presents for 8 year old boy. Take a sneak peak –

11. Kid’s Drone:

Undoubtedly your son is already attracted to the drones hovering the skies nowadays. So, why not gift him one? It can make the perfect creative Christmas gift ideas for 8 year old boy. Moreover, these drones come with video cams, so allow him to be creative and who knows, your child just might find his hidden passion!

Kid’s Drone


So, what are you waiting for? With so many best gifts for 8 year old boy at your disposal, grab the perfect idea of your choice and present your child the toy of his dreams.