Few Unconventional Outdoor Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys for This Christmas!

Selecting gifts for 7 year old boys can be harder than it appears.

6 to 7 tends to be a rather tender and impressionable age for children. It is the time when they begin to realize that a world exists beyond their household. This also tends to be the age when a lot of children start going to school.

gifts for 7 year old boys

There is suddenly an influx of knowledge from peers, teachers and TV. Believe it or not, this is an age where children already start identifying with pop culture.

However, this is also the age where children must go out and play outdoors instead of playing with a tab all the time. If you’re spending too much time to come up with possible presents for 7 year old boy, allow us to help you out.

Some wonderful options for gifts for 7 year old boys:

  • Kick scooter

    Kick ScooterButton

7 is an age where kids need to start spending some time on their own, maybe by discovering their own neighbourhood. What better way to do that than on a kick scooter?

We’ve all ridden them and know how much fun they can be! But they also help young kids develop kinetic and motor skills at a young age.

Having one of these will give your 7 year old the ultimate sense of freedom!

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(If you’re one for keeping up with the times and splurging a little, you could also alternatively go for a hoverboard.)

  • Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie


Kids of this age like to goof around with their newly-made friends. Walkie talkies are perfect to have fun in the company of someone of their age while having a bit of an adventure.

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  • Binoculars



Binoculars can also make great gift ideas for 7 year old boy.

In this age of concrete, steel and fiber optics, it is important to inculcate in your children the value of nature. Get them a pair of binoculars, encourage them to go out and look for birds and see their eyes light up with the sheer joy of discovery!

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  • Kites


Nothing can quite match quality time spent with family. Those are the most indelible memories that stay with us over the years. Here’s another one of our unique gift ideas for 7 year old boy.


Flying a kite is a great way to bond as a family unit simply because it requires so much teamwork and is so much fun! Pack your bags, drive down to the nearest beach and teach your 7 year old how to fly a kite.

This is my personal favorite as there’s no better to have a healthy life than spending time outdoors! I have bought 5 kites this year for the little ones at my home and I think we are going to celebrate Christmas in a new way.

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  • Croquet set

    Croquet setButton

The best gifts for 7 year old boy are the ones that can successfully engage him with a group of people rather than isolating him. And who doesn’t love a game of croquet?

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  • Customized baseball bat

    Customised baseball batButton

A customised baseball bat could be one of many great Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old boy. 7 is about the right age for kids to start getting into sport and what could be more special than his first bat?

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  • Nerf Blaster

    Nerf BlasterButton

Anyone who’s played with a nerf blaster will vouch for how much fun it is!

Another addition to these outdoorsy gifts for 7 year old boys, a nerf-war in your porch or backyard is most definitely the best kind of war to be a part of.

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  • Quantum Flyer


There are very few things that can give as much delight as a flying toy. This quantum flyer can go as high as 35 feet up in the air! It then descends back on the ground, thanks to an inbuilt parachute.

Are there any better presents for 7 year old boy than one which can teach also teach the laws of physics simultaneously with all the fun? However, make sure to be there with him or he might hurt himself.

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  • Rope Ladder

    Rope LadderButton

Among one of the most unique Christmas gift ideas for 7 year old boy, this rope ladder to put up in your backyard will be whole lot of fun!

This Christmas build your own tree house and use the roper ladder to get there!

  • Traditional soccer ball

    Traditional soccer ballButton

A list about the best gifts for 7 year old boy can never be complete without a traditional soccer ball, can it?

We all remember the time we got our first football, don’t we? That first kick, that first goal, that first game with our dads.

He’s the right age, hand him that ball and see him go nuts over this beautiful game.

Well, which one did you like the most?