It’s Time You Know about These 10 Amazing Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys!

Turning five is a huge milestone for a kid. He is gradually taking tiny steps towards the later part of his childhood. Hence, the things that matter the most while buying gifts for 5 year old boys are-

gifts for 5 year old boys

  1. Peer importance
  2. Creativity
  3. Make-believe

Boys of this age are at the peak of curiosity. So, one has to be attentive to the fact that whatever one is gifting a 5 year old boy must cater to his imaginative mind. It must be able to enhance his make-believe ideas for better cognitive and creative development.

The 10 most appropriate gifts for 5 year old boys!

1. A Lego set-

A Lego set


Lego games are a great thing to gift a 5 year old. While he is at the heights of his creative aptitude, building Lego blocks would consume a lot of his active hours. Who knows the child might grow a knack in architectural and automobile designing while playing with his Lego.

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2. Walkie talkies-

Walkie talkies


You must be aware how important friends and siblings are for children at this age? Their days revolve around playing with them! So, getting a pair of walkie-talkies would be a nice plan to allow better communication around the house.

This is also one of the best Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old boy! He would be delighted to own a talkie on the go!

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3. A scooty

A scooty


With a kick scooter, your boy will be riding around the neighbourhood in style. Moreover, this kind of scooters helps to promote agility and balance in young kids. So, you can rest assured that with gifts such as this, your boy will soon ditch his video game set and be outdoors, paying and riding around!

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4. A cool t-shirt!

T shirt


Kids with swag are the best! So, dress up your little master in style with a cool graphic t-shirt. These come in 100% cotton materials and extremely comfortable for all-day wear. Imagine your kid sporting something like, “It took me 5 years to be this amazing” or a palm saying “I’m this many!”

Check the link below for some inspiration-

5. Ninja turtle cap

turtle hat


Do you remember Donatello, the Ninja Turtle? Get a similar Ninja turtle cap for your 5 year old kid! A green turtle cap to save your baby from the chilly wintry gushes. This year, the caps have been the best Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old boy for most consumers!

P.S. – Keep your kid away from strangers! Anybody would want to steal that cute ball of fur!

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6. A backyard safari jacket!

A backyard safari jacket


You will find your boy in an exploration mood at the age of 5. He will be all over the place, searching for treasures. You can cater to his curious soul with a backyard safari jacket. Your child would love to explore the backyard garden of the neighbourhood! Additionally, these have multiple pockets to carry binoculars and flashlights.

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7. A soccer goal!

A soccer goal


Does your boy love kicking balls? Who knows he might be the next Ronaldo or Maradona! This birthday, gift your child a soccer goal post. It will be a great indoor game when it’s raining or dark outside. All his friends can come over for a game of soccer!

Check out this soccer goal post by Fisher-Price that makes a “goal” sound every time the ball hits the post!

8. A science kit

A science kit


How about a science kit for the budding scientist? It is no boring text book but a whole kit with experimental sets. It is, in fact, a great way to enhance his growing intelligence and cognitive skills.

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9. Plane building set

Plane building set


As your kid turns 5, you will notice his eagerness to unsettle all his toys and trying to get them back together. This shows he has a creative zeal. Therefore, plane building sets would be really good presents for 5 year old boy!

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10. A remote control robot!

A remote control robot


Want something to appreciate the sweet naughtiness of the tiny tot? Well, what can be better than a remote control robot! Boys are indeed fascinated by robots and machines. So, get him his own this birthday!

Here’s one talking robot. See if your son likes it!

Didn’t you find the best gifts for 5 year old boy here? Keep checking this space for more unique and innovative gifting ideas!