Guidebook for Planning the Perfect Present for your 14 year old

When it comes to buying the perfect present for your teenage nephew or niece, it might seem a bit difficult. The past few years, owing to globalization and the sudden surge of technology, it’s tough to comprehend what teenagers want.

Perfect Present

Now, you’ll still be the doting aunt, if you buy them cute merchandises; but,

Is it really what they want?

The truth is, the adolescent mindset has changed, so today, let’s discuss –

Q.What to consider before picking presents for young adults?

Now, before you choose the perfect gift for your 14-year-old teen, firstly consider 4 things-

  1. What are his/her preferences?
  2. What is the mindset of your 14-year-old?
  3. What is the occasion?
  4. How can the present benefit him/her?

1. Preferences

According to psychological researches conducted, children who are in their early 15’s or 14’s crave more freedom and acknowledgment from elders.

Now, young adults wish to receive grownup treatment. Therefore, if you’re the aunt, go and have a chat with your niece/nephew and ask them what they want. Moreover, when you go and question them, they’ll feel grown up and tell you what they like.

You can also ask about their interests and hobbies and pick a present accordingly.

2. The mindset of a 14-year-old!

Kids, want to be treated like adults as mentioned above. However, it’s vital you choose a present that is suitable for young adults.  Now, a 14-year-old is just transitioning from a child to an adult, so pick a gift for children hitting puberty.

Here are a few suggestions –

For 14-year-old boys-

  • RC cars
  • Instant camera
  • Video games
  • Baseball kits
  • Football
  • Sports merchandise
  • Marvel/DC comics
  • Enid Blyton books
  • Headsets for guys
  • Bicycle for men

For 14-year-old girls-

  • Beginner’s makeup kit
  • Books for young adults like Harry Potter
  • Personal diaries
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Cute Tops
  • Glitter and craft sets
  • Barbie movie DVDs
  • Headsets for girls
  • Bicycle for women

 3. What’s the Occasion?

Before selecting your adolescents present, keep in mind the occasion. If you’re giving a birthday gift then choosing action figures and comics or a makeup set is a good idea. However, for more private events like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can buy your adolescent a bicycle or cute jumpers.

Here’s another suggestion, if he/she likes to cook, you can take them out for ingredient shopping, and buy them food decoratives and baking accessories.

Note- If you are parents of a teenager yourself, you can ask him what’s trending in the young adult world, and pick out a present accordingly.

4. Useful vs. not so Useful?

Last, but not the least, you should consider if the present you choose for your 14 teen-year-old will benefit them or not. Let’s assume you’ve purchased aculinary glass set for your niece; now while it may look gorgeous, the child might not find it useful.

Therefore, remember you’re picking a present for the child and not the family. Hence, instead,if the girl is interested in fiction, choose her classics like Pride and Prejudice. Moreover, this gift will not only improve her vocabulary, but it’s something she’ll enjoy as a young adult.

Now, to be the most doting aunt ever, you can even check certain online stores and see the type of presents kept aside for young adults. So, be creative with your gift idea and don’t forget to wrap your present interestingly. Happy shopping!