10 Ideas to Celebrate RakshaBandhan With Your Younger Brother

RakshaBandhan is one of the most pious festivals celebrated in India by the Muslims to celebrate the brother-sister relationship.

The sister ties a rakhi, a sacred thread, on the wrist of her brother, as a prayer for his protection against all evils followed by his vows for the protection of the very same sister by himself against all evils.

Although it is more religious rather than sentimental, its sentimental value cannot be ignored. With each rakhi tied and tied to the bond of the siblings become stronger.

10 Ideas to Celebrate RakshaBandhan

2016, a new year with newfound ideas. Now, why not make RakshaBandhan 2016, the best for your younger brother? Here are a few ideas to celebrate rakhi with your younger brother.

1. Pokemon go all the way

As stupid as it may seem, it is the most sensible way to make your younger brother’s day will be to make this Rakhi utterly memorable for him.

After gifting him a pokemon rakhi spend an entire day with him, playing Pokemon go and finding his Pikachu and other Pokemons for him.

For a baby brother, no RakshaBandhan celebration can be better than this. I mean an entire day out with your older sister and to find Pikachu with her and nearing to success, what else can one ask for?

Pokemon Go Rakhi

2. Unlimited food spree

Who doesn’t love food, right? Now, what if after you tie your pick of rakhi to your brother, you both go on an unlimited food spree of your baby brother’s choice and gulp in whatever you can?

I mean what is better than an unplanned random adventure. You both can go off to random places and try whatever you like. That will make your bond even stronger than it currently is.

Unlimited food spree

3. Movie

What can be better than a movie day out with your baby brother? Bag your share of a gift from him and then go out for his favorite movie.

Rakhi it is and it is your day, both of yours I mean. Watch your favorite movie and then his and spend your day having fun and picking on each other all day long.

Cherish what you have and let him know how much the little thing means to you.

Watching Movie With Bro

4. Self made lunch

For a sister who never even gets a glass of water herself, your cooking your brother’s favorite dish for Rakhi is bound to overwhelm him with happiness. Let this RakshaBandhan 2016 be a memorable one for both your siblings.

Self made lunch

5. Favourite gift

Now, if your brother has been craving for an X-box or PSY or any such fancy games that your parents haven’t bought him yet, you can definitely make his day by buying him one of those.

I mean, what is wrong with spending for your brother one day only to see him happy? Also, make sure you gift him something really mean before showing him the actual present. That way, you can record his baby anger too.


6. Bake a cake for your baby brother

I know half of you might not even know how to bake a cake but isn’t it supposed to be your baby brother’s day? And on your baby brother’s special day why not bake him, a cake and surprise him by attaching his rakhi on that very cake? After that, a proper family lunch to add a cherry to his cake is all you need to rock this rakhi.

Bake a cake for your Baby Brother

7. Gift rakhis to the poor

Just because you have a baby brother and get to celebrate rakhi doesn’t mean everybody else does. Do something different this year and send rakhis and tons of sweets to the little street kids who will add to the prayer of protection of your baby brother and add to the wonder of the day.

Distribute sweets to poor

8. Disown your brother temporarily

Okay, I don’t literally mean to tell you to disown your brother. Just make up a pretentious reason to fight with him and literally fight with him with all your energy and then surprise him with his favorite watch that he’s always wanted to spend a great day.

Fasttrack watch

9. Surprise your brother with tickets to the craziest amusement park

Rakhi isn’t always to be spent at home, right? So just quickly tie this Rakhi on your brother’s hands and take him to his favorite amusement park to make him have the time of his life.

Sterling Silver Rakhi

10. Bungee jumping

Now, if your baby brother is not really a baby and an adventure lover, you can tie him a rakhi and take him bungee jumping. This way, you’ll either get to brag about how cool your brother is or record his baby squeals.

Bungee Jumping