The best festival season silver gift items online in India

Since time immemorial, silver was the metal that had been exceedingly used for auspicious occasions in the Indian Sub-continent. Silver is used to adorn the idols of deities with ornaments either all by itself or in combination with gold and certain precious stones.

silver gift

Silver has been a regal metal used not just for ornaments but also for basic items, such as plates, spoons due to its antiseptic properties. Being aware of these facts, let us look at some of the best silver gifts that one can think of giving for special occasions.

Fine silver bar:

Fine silver bar

If you are looking to gift somebody who has a penchant for getting his or her ornaments designed themselves, it would be best to get them one of these silver gift items online – A fine silver bar. This exquisite bar is made up of “999 silver” – the phrase used for pure silver. It measures 4.804 cm in length, 2.77 cm in height, 0.249 cm in width, and weighs about 25 grams. The seller of this product is a renowned jeweler in India.

2. A 100 gram silver coin:

A 100 gram silver coin


If you are looking to gift somebody who would love to have a coin with the image of a deity or goddess embossed on this, a 100gm silver coin is among the best silver gifts that you can get for them. The one mentioned here is from a branded company and is made of 24K or the “999 silver”. It has impressions of goddess Laxmi – the provider of wealth and prosperity – as well as Lord Ganesh – the remover of all obstacles in life.

3. Silver lamp for Pooja:

Silver lamp for Pooja


No pooja is complete without a lamp. A Pooja always starts with lighting the lamp in the temple. This is a festival season and we all need lamps for that. There are different metals that can be used to make a lamp for Pooja. The next item on our list of silver pooja items is a silver lamp. When we gift a lamp for pooja it is better to order for silver lamp. The material used to make this lamp is 925 sterling silver and has a height of 6.251 cms.

Silver ear rings:

Silver ear rings

Ear rings are one of the best gifts you can give to your mother, daughter or life partner. Hence let us include this silver ear ring on the list of silver gift items for this festival season. This ear ring is made of sterling silver and comes with a 925 stamp. To give that extra shining the ear rings are plated with Nickel Free Rhodium. The stones used on this ear ring are Swiss Cubic Zirconia. Since the jewelry is made of silver possibility of allergy is also very less.

Silver pooja Thali:

Silver pooja Thali


Just like lamp Thali is also an integral part of Pooja. We all know the purpose of Pooja Thali. That is the plate on which we keep all our pooja materials organized before pooja. Other than the silver lamp, you can consider the silver pooja Thali as one of the silver pooja items that can be gifted to your loved ones. Pooja Thalis are made of metals like steel, gold, silver, and bronze. Depending on your budget you can select the right metal.

Silver idol of lord Ganesha:

Silver idol of lord Ganesha


In India, the festival season starts with Ganesh Chaturthi. One of the best silver gift items online in India is a silver idol of Ganesh. Ganesh has another name and it is “Vigneswara” which means “the one who removes all the obstacles in life”. Because of this there will be a special Pooja for Ganesha before starting any other ritual. The idol in the link is 4.864 cms tall and 3.862 cms wide. By gifting this you wish that all the obstacles in their life be removed by Lord Ganesha.

Silver minakari metal Bajot:

Silver minakari metal Bajot


Bajot or chawki is the term used for the pooja table used to keep the pooja items while doing a pooja. So in this festival season if you have decided to gift silver pooja items to your loved ones an Aluminium silver Pooja Bajot will be the perfect choice. The product in the link is made of aluminium silver and has Meenakari work on it. Meenakari is the art work invented by Iranian craftsmen and was spread to India centuries back. This is done by fusing colors over metals give it a beautiful look.

Silver bowl set with tray:

Silver bowl set with tray


Giving silver gifts is considered as one of the best ways to wish your loved ones in this festival season. For this you can order for a silver bowl set that can be either used as show piece or as serving bowls. These are usually used to serve somph – a sweet dish that is made of sugar and fennel seeds.  This is served at the end of a feast. You would see these bowls even in restaurants and will be served when they bring the bill. Gifting this silver bowl set will make your loved ones happy.

Silver bracelet for men:

Silver bracelet for men


Silver is a metal that is used to make ornaments and jewelries from ancient times. If you want to gift your husband, brother, or boyfriend in this festival season you can order for a 925 Sterling silver bracelet available in online stores. The metal used here is nickel free, non-allergic, and lead free. The bracelet has a unique pattern and he is going to love this.

Pure silver Tulsi plant:

Pure silver Tulsi plant


Tulsi or holy basil is an aromatic perennial plant that is cultivated for medicinal and religious purpose. In India there will be at least one Tulsi plant in the front yard because it is considered as holy. As a gesture of wishing good luck to your friends or family members you can gift a pure silver Tulsi plant. This is an ideal gift for house warming and festivals like Diwali and Dasara.