Let us decorate our houses like Yoda would have done – Star wars christmas decorations

Star Wars is an epic film series that was originally released in 1977 with the name Star Wars or Episode IV: A New Hope. I know Yoda is someone who does not need an introduction – the grand master of Jedi order. The franchise went on to make 8 more films and many other spin-offs (both films and television series). Star wars christmas decorations are attractive and charming for all age groups.

star wars christmas decorations

Our character – Yoda – lived for 900 years and that means he celebrated 900 Christmas Eves. From that, we can conclude that he is pretty experienced in Star Wars decorations and Star Wars Christmas ornaments used for that. Let us see the Star Wars ornament sets and other decors he would have suggested if he was among us.

Star wars christmas decorations:

1. Star Wars light set:

Star Wars light set


Fairy lights are used to illuminate our houses in the Christmas season. Hence the first Star Wars Christmas decorations UK people should buy is a light set. The party lights in this fairy lights set feature the Astro mech droid R2-D2 that helps Skywalker and team in many missions. The molded plastic covers will glow in white and blue color in the night giving out a party mood to the Star Wars decorations. You can even buy lights that feature Yoda or other Star Wars characters.

2. Star Wars Christmas stockings:

Star Wars Christmas stockings


Stockings are one of the common decorations used for Christmas. Stockings are socks shaped piece of cloth that is hung by children near the fireplace. They do this for Santa to leave special gifts for children on Christmas Eve. For the children of the house, Yoda would have bought a set of stockings with Star Wars written all over it. You can buy any stockings that have Star Wars characters printed on it. To decorate like Yoda, you can buy these along with the Star Wars ornament set.

3. Yoda Santa hat with bendable ears:

Yoda Santa hat with bendable ears


Another décor that we all use for Christmas is Santa’s hat. We even use these to decorate our dining tables and chairs. For the Christmas party, everyone loves to wear a Santa hat. Next, let us get some red plush Yoda Santa hat to decorate our houses. This hat has ears similar to Yoda’s elf ears. The hat is 17-inch tall with a white pompom (you can even call it a tassel or white yarn ball).

4. Yoda fondant cake topper:

Yoda fondant cake topper

Christmas cake is the most important part of Christmas feast. Most families prefer to bake the cake at home and decorate them with their own hands. To decorate it we can buy a 3D Yoda cake topper. You can even buy a cake topper in the shape of R2-D2 or BB8. This is something very fragile and may have to adjust with the cake topper if it is broken. This fondant cake topper can feature as a great Christmas gift for the chef you know.

5. The last Jedi Christmas ornament:

The last Jedi Christmas ornament


Anakin Skywalker who was supposed to bring balance to the force got corrupted and adopted the name, Darth Vader. His story was revealed to the master even 1000 years before his birth. He was prophesized as the most powerful Jedi that can help the kingdom. So Yoda would have added something in Darth Vader’s name to the list of Star Wars Christmas ornaments. Not only that this ornament will play some of Darth Vader’s dialogues.

6. Star Wars Christmas ornaments:

Star Wars Christmas ornaments

Another set of Star Wars Christmas decorations UK people use are Perler Beads Christmas tree ornaments. You can even make these ornaments at home with very few tools. You just have to order the beads online. But if you do not have the time to do it order the readymade ornaments from the e-commerce sites. The ornaments in the set mentioned above have a resemblance to the Star Wars characters and these are in the shape of bulbs.

7. Death star ornament with sound and light:

Death star ornament with sound and light


Death stars are the fictional stars or space stations that can destroy a planet with just one super laser. In 2005 Cassini sent a picture of Mimas the moon of Saturn which has a great resemblance to the death star of Star Wars films. A Star Wars ornament set with the death star ornament will make it a complete ornament set. This particular death star ornament can play audio dialogues from Star Wars movie. You just have to connect the power cord (sold separately). You can connect more than one ornament (something like TIE fighter or X-Wing starfighter) to that cord.

8. Star wars coasters:

Star wars coasters


Coasters are accessories used on the dining table. We use these pieces to protect our table from hot pots especially mugs. While decorating his dining table for Christmas feast, Yoda would have used these Star Wars coasters because that represents the characters in his life. These are made of maple wood and have the pictures of Chewbacca, R2D2, Yoda, a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, or Leia imprinted on it. While placing the order you can select the pictures you want on your coasters.

9. Yoda Christmas tree topper:

Yoda Christmas tree topper


Christmas tree decorations are considered perfect only after the tree topper is placed. Let us buy a Yoda Christmas tree topper this year. I have given an example here for the tree topper. The figurine resembles Yoda; the grand master and the costume resemble Santa Claus. This is made in a way that you can use his as either tree topper or table topper. Let us bring the Star Wars decorations to the fullest with this tree topper.

10. Princess Leia Star Wars tree ornament:

Princess Leia Star Wars tree ornament


Let us not forget about Princess Leia who fought for what she thought is right and at the end had to become the leader of the resistance. For that, you can order for a glass tree ornament that has her cute picture printed on it. This has a white hanging ribbon attached to the back. This is one of the Star Wars Christmas decorations UK people would never forget to buy/order.

Grand master Yoda wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance!