18 Gift Ideas To Say Gud Luck

Your intention to wish someone good luck either as congratulation or as motivation is good. Here are some Gift Ideas To Say Gud Luck that will help. If you are planning to wish someone good luck and bless that the individual should succeed in his/her endeavor, you can choose appropriate gifts for the same. It can be any occasion like an individual preparing for an examination, a sporting competition, a job interview and similar occasion. For these occasions, you should be careful about selecting the right gifts that will rightly carry forward your wishes to the person.

1. Elephants:18 Gift Ideas To Say Gud Luck


Elephants Collectible Statue

You might be aware of the fact that it is believed that any elephant-based gifts can bring luck to the receiver. Also, it is stated that any individual, who wish to achieve something in life should be fully focused on the endeavor without getting distracted. If you wish that the individual should stay focused and should get luck, you can choose that hear-no, see-no and speak-no evil elephants with trunks listed high for bringing luck. You can also ask the individual not to get distracted with this gift from Design Toscano.


2. Hamsa and evil eye gift:

Hamsa and evil eye gift

Many of us have heard that hamsa and evil eye symbols are lucky charms for anybody. It is believed that hamsa hand symbol will keep evils away from the wearer. Similarly, it is also believed that the evil eye symbol will reduce the effects of evil eyes on an individual. How about selecting a gift with both these lucky charms for your lovable person? Yes, this silver-plated necklace with the hand of Fatima and evil eye with zirconia stones will bring luck. Also, this gift will improve his/her confidence that luck is in his/her favor to perform well at the competition.


3. Dolphin pill organizer:

Dolphin pill organizer

If you wish that an individual planning for a huge surgery should recover safely from illness after surgery, you can choose this gift. Dolphins are considered to bring luck as they are regarded as symbols of protection. This belief comes from ancient sailors, who have experienced that sighting dolphins in their sea journey is a clear indication that they are nearing lands. This pill organizer has three compartments for easily organizing pills. Also, it comes in different colors and it is made out of metal with an epoxy sticker. It is made with a design that can be easily opened and also lightweight to carry for frequent travelers.

4. Birthstone charms:

 Birthstone charms

It is believed that wearing birthstone can bring a person good luck. For instance, Amethyst, which is the birthstone for those born in the month of February, is known to bring peace of mind to the wearer. It is also believed to protect him from being intoxicated. The birthstone for the month of May, which is emerald, is known to bring the powers to tell fortune. Similarly, each of them has significance. If you are not aware of the exact birthstone of the individual, you can choose this great gift with all 12 stones. This can be used for dressing lockets and they are all 5mm round stones. This set can fit origami owl lockets perfectly.


5. Four-leaf clover necklace:

Four-leaf clover necklace

Four leaf clover as you know is a renowned symbol that is known to bring good luck to the person, who finds it. But, do you know what do they symbolize, one leaf is for faith, one is for hope, the third is for love and the final is for luck. This means that only when a person has hope, faith, and love towards himself, luck will be in his favor. This gift will motivate the person to believe in himself and will also state that luck will be in his favor only when he has self-belief. This gift has two pack of four leaf clover necklace with crystal rhinestones.

6. Horseshoe earrings:


Horseshoe earrings

Horseshoe is something that is considered highly lucky and it was previously used for hanging in many homes for protecting against evils and also for attracting good fortune for the members residing in a home. You can opt for this horseshoe earrings if the little girl is preparing herself for an important sports competition or even for his examinations. This ornament is made out of sterling silver, which is also considered a lucky metal and it also has cubic zirconias placed attractively. It also comes with a silver polishing cloth, a gift box and also a favor bag to make it a perfect gift.


7. Gold fish:

gold fish

Do you know that all through the different cultures from around the world, goldfish is something that is considered to bring peace, wisdom, long life, power, wealth, growth and prosperity? They are kept in ponds or bowls to bring good luck in workplaces and in homes. Being one of the 8 sacred symbols of Buddha, this is a symbol of fertility, abundance, and harmony in life. This fake gold fish decoration piece that can be kept at home comes with plastic swimming faux. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Let the gold fish bring her/him good luck in all future endeavors.

8. Ladybug keychain:

Ladybug keychain 

You might have heard that lady bug is a universal symbol of good luck and many cultures from around the world have long considered it to be an attractor of prosperity. Ladybug is believed to bring your wishes to reality and so you can choose this ladybug keychain to wish good luck. This is a charm keychain and also a fashion accessory with Lily and ladybug designs. Let the pair of lady bugs bring him/her the best luck in life.

9. Tiger Figure:


Tiger Figure

In Chinese astrology, tigers are considered lucky charms. The symbols of tigers are also believed to protect against many evils inclusive of fires and robbery. This hand painted toy is made from high-quality plastic. It looks gorgeous with a detailed design on its body and can be placed as a lucky charm at homes.


10. Motivational thoughts:

Motivational thoughts

If you do not believe in lucky charms, you can use inspirational quotes to motivate the person to keep working towards the goal. You can motivate him/her to stay positive and stay focused every day and to begin the day with positive thoughts with this great gift. This sign measures 6”x8” and can be placed in a table or can also be hung on a wall. It is made out of high quality wood and paints to last longer and provide motivation on a daily basis and will improve positivity to a great extent.


11. Collection of inspirational quotes:


This book contains famous quotes from people who have achieved a great in their lives. Their knowledge, insights, and wisdom are passed to us only through their sayings. When these positive motivational quotes always surround by an individual, he/she will never lose hope and self-interest. It is believed that our thoughts change on the basis of the words and thoughts that we come across and when you present this book that contains 200 quotes, they will inspire the person to perform at his/her best to attract success. This can be a great lifetime gift as well as books are always precious collections.

12. Daily words of inspiration on table: 

Daily words of inspiration

In the case of an inspirational book, the individual will have to take the book in his hand to read them. But, this gift has a pack of 80 themed phrases that are inscribed on decorative cards. They are the best gifts to provide daily words of inspiration. Like changing the dates in the daily calendar, he can just replace one quote over another on a daily basis to get different inspirational quotes placed on his table right before his eyes. The keepsake wooden box in which the inspiring word cards come provides wonderful display and storage facility.Button

13. Butterfly blessings:

Butterfly mug

Butterflies are considered the best symbols when a person is highly tired of his failures. If he is planning to make his try once again, you can choose this great gift as a symbol of motivation to him. It will also inspire the importance of self-belief in his mind as the appropriate words are inscribed on this coffee mug. This microwave and dishwasher safe mug is gift-boxed attractively in such a way that you can write both your name and the name of the receiver in it. It will reach him as your blessings and also as a gift to support his endeavors.


14. Mermaid wish charm with story card:

Mermaid wish charm

Some people believe that mermaids are great wish charms. This magical mermaid charm can be a perfect gift to carry your wishes.

15. Laughing Buddha on an elephant:Laughing Buddha on an elephant

According to Feng Shui belief, laughing Buddha is known to bring happiness and also elephant with raised tusk is also known to bring luck. When you gift both these gifts in a single piece of gift item, you are wishing that the individual should get both happiness and luck together. This is stated to be an excellent symbol to protect against office politics, jealousy, backstabbing and social illness that are preventing the individual from succeeding in life. It is believed to scoop out unhappiness and worries from the family to motivate the person to perform better at work to get promoted to his dream position.


16.Cheering pillow cover:

Cheering pillow cover

Irrespective of the practice he makes, he will need rest at nights at least for some time. If you wish that he should go to bed with a cheering note, you can choose this cheering pillow cover.

17. Greeting card:


Greeting card

Greeting cards are being used as traditional gifts for many occasions as they can rightly carry forward the message to your loved one. This card comes with an inside message that reads ‘may good fortune follow you everywhere’. It comes with a premium bright white envelope and the size of the card is 4.25 inch by 5.5 inches. May your good wishes reach him to bring good luck.


18. Lucky bamboo:

Lucky bamboo

It is believed in ancient traditions that lucky bamboo can bring wealth, love, happiness and health. They are oldest lucky charms used by humans and it is a perfect indoor plant as well. This plant is naturally known to grow under the canopy of a wet tropical rain forest. But, this gift is designed for indoor decoration and to bring luck. It comes included with a small amount of crystal soil and it can grow in water similar to cut flowers, but can last for years. It is about 18” tall and 3” wide. You can present this plant as the symbol of growth.


Gifts are excellent choices to share our good wishes and luck to anybody. Earlier, grandparents used to wish their grandchildren with money and bless them with good luck in every part of their life. But, nowadays, even though money is used as a gift in many traditions, most people opt for gifts that are worthy to remember and use for several years to come. So, you can choose from the above-mentioned gift items to wish good luck for any individual.