30 Best Valentines Day gift ideas for him

Valentines day is an occasion that is celebrated by millions across the world. Valentines day gifts are something people throng the shops to get. This is something that cuts across the barriers of language, religion and social strata. If you have to buy Valentines Day gifts for him it has to be special.

Valentines Day gift ideas

Sometimes planning to get those special Valentines Day gifts for him can be quite a tedious and time consuming task. To help you with those creative ideas we have listed some of the potential Valentines day gifts for him.

1) Customized wooden watch

Customized wooden watch - Valentines day gifts for him

Let us start this list with something classic. In the old times accessories using wood was a fashion and was widely used. So why don’t you gift him a wooden watch with his name written on it (behind the dial). To buy a watch like this you do not have to search much. They are available online. When you order the wooden watch mention the name you want to get printed on the dial.

2) Keychain

Keychain - Valentines day gifts for him

The next one in the list of Valentines day gifts for him is a leather keychain. Men are going to love having a keychain with some small tools with that. I found a leather key chain (you can even call it a case) online. This case can be used to carry around 6 keys, cards, and some money. There are key chains that have pen knife, bottle opener, and even small pen.

3) Leather flask

Leather flask - Valentines day gifts for him

Another gift your boyfriend or husband would love to have is a small leather flask . This will help him to carry a drink when they go for parties or gatherings. You can be sure that he is going to boast about it (that how thoughtful you are) to his friends. There are options to even customize the flask with a message or his name.

4) Personalized coffee Mug

Personalized coffee Mug

The next gift in my list of Valentines day gifts for him is a personalized mug. Order a mug with his photo or a romantic message printed on it. You can either buy this online or can get this done from a gift shop. He will think of you whenever he will have a cup of coffee.

5) Leather wallet

Leather wallet - Valentines day gifts for him

Well, just like the keychain and leather flask another gift that men love to get is a leather wallet. You can buy a leather wallet from online stores and get it delivered to him as a surprise. The wallet in the link is a simple one that can hold a smartphone, standard sized card, and money.

6) Espresso Maker

Espresso Maker - Valentines day gifts for him

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee while they are working or reading? This mini espresso maker can be used to make coffee easily without any batteries or electric power. He just has to add some milk, coffee powder and hot water to prepare the perfect coffee. The coffee maker in this link is black in color and is compact.

7) Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Next gift on my list of “Valentines day gifts for him” is a whiskey or wine decanter set. The set has one decanter with a stopper and four glasses to serve the liquor. You can customize this set with your boyfriend’s or husband’s name written on the decanter and glasses. There are different shapes available for the glasses and decanter online.

8) Instant Film Camera

Instant Film Camera - Valentines day gifts for him

Everybody likes to click photos because they are the way to cherish the memories and to save them for future. So why don’t you gift him an instant film camera that can capture the moment and print it at the same time. Both of you can keep a copy for yourselves. This camera has the facility to take photos in different modes.

9) Formal Tie

Formal Tie - Valentines day gifts for him

A working man will need a formal tie to wear to his office and this can be one of the well-thought Valentines day gifts for him. Search online for a formal tie and get it delivered at his doorstep. You can even gift him a bow tie so that he can wear it to the parties too.

10) Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Next on the list of “Valentines day gifts for him’ is a gift for the techy boyfriend. This gift has a keyboard and mouse set that is made of wood. I am sure your man is going to be surprised with this special gift from you. You can order this online or even can buy from stores.

11) 2020 daily planner

2017 daily planner - Valentines day gifts for him

Another Valentines Day gift that can be given to your boyfriend or husband is a daily planner or diary. The planner in the link has months from December 2019 to December 2020 printed in it. He can manage his tasks and take notes in the meetings in this diary. You get diary circles to decorate or mark pages in the diary.

12) Custom Engraved Faux Leather Frame


The frame originally comes in the size of 7” x 9” to display the perfect picture of you and your loved one (4” x 6”). Displaying the classic faux leather look, it is also customizable. With the use of laser engraving technology, you and your better half’s name is to last there forever.

13) Shaving set

Shaving set - Valentines day gifts for him

Just like women love their makeup kits men like their shaving set. They like to experiment with the items in the set. Why don’t you surprise him with a shaving set that has his favorite brand products in it? The shaving set should contain a razor, brush, shaving bowl, and alum block or after shave balm.

14) Cufflinks

Cufflinks - Valentines day gifts for him

Another gift that can be useful for a working man is a set of cufflinks. Gift your boyfriend or fiancé a set of cufflinks that he can wear to his office or parties. The cufflinks that are mentioned in the link has a shape of hat on it. This is a cufflink that is suitable for parties however; there are other models for office use. When you buy a set select one that is made of stainless steel.

15) Personalized t-shirt

Personalized t-shirt

A gift that can be considered while trying to figure out Valentines day gifts for him is a custom made t-shirt. Now it is very easy to get a message or photo printed on a t-shirt. You can either do it online or from a digital studio. If you are ordering online send them the message you want to get printed after paying.

16) Why I Love You: A Journal of Us

Why I Love You A Journal of Us

A refined way to express love is here. With the Why I Love You: A Journal of Us, conveying your feelings just got easier. For all the introverts who care deeply, tell how much you love your partner. Now, vent out the words that deserve in your mouth every day.

17) Necklace for men

Necklace for men

If you think men do not like jewelry you are wrong. They do like jewelry, especially something like a necklace with a trendy pendant. The pendant of this necklace is in the shape of a headphone and be sure he will be excited to see it.

18) Bracelet

Bracelet - Valentines day gifts for him

You would have seen men wearing bracelets that are classic and trendy. You can buy one of these bracelets and wrap it in a gift paper to present to your love. This bracelet is made of stainless steel with a leather strap. Do not forget to give a greeting card with this.

19) Valentine Beard Hair Comb

Valentine Beard Hair Comb

A beard comb can be an addition to his grooming kit if he loves to grow beard. When you buy a valentine beard comb make it customized with his name or a romantic message written on the handle. The comb in the link is made of wood and is handmade.

20) Men’s Cologne

Men’s Cologne

A bottle of Men’s cologne is one of the best Valentines day gifts for him. Buy one bottle that is branded (he would have been dreaming about buying it) and has a masculine and gentle fragrance. I am sure he will be first surprised and then excited to use it for parties or office.

21) A trophy for the best boyfriend

A trophy for the best boyfriend

You get trophies whenever you achieve anything in your life; be it for studies or sports. This gave me an idea. Why don’t you give a best boyfriend trophy to him? After all he has been trying to be the best as he can and after this you will see more warmth in his love and care.

22) Valentine Photo frame

Valentine Photo frame

Next, in my list of Valentines day gifts for him is a photo frame that can be gifted to your valentine. Buy one photo frame (in the shape of heart) and decorate it with a photo in it. You can either use his photo or a photo of you two. Buy a photo frame that is not breakable. The frame in the link is made of hard plastic.

23) Sunglasses

Sunglasses - Valentines day gifts for him

For this Valentines Day buy sunglasses for your valentine. When you buy it check whether it has UV protection and it should block glares. You can either get one with silver color frame or golden color. Buy one that is your man’s favorite.

24) 3D video game CD

3D video game CD - Valentines day gifts for him

Another gift boys would like to get is their favorite video game. You will know his favorite game’s name because he will mention it in your conversations for sure. Buy the latest version of his favorite video game. There are different types of games – racing, action, etc. Buy one video game that he will love to play.

25) Wall decorations

Wall decorations - Valentines day gifts for him

Well, instead of giving a table sculpture you can give him a wall decoration. Guys like sculptures of animal heads to decorate their house’s living room. The link will take you to a ‘Gold Moose head’ wall decoration.

26) Drone

Drone_Valentines day gifts for him

This is another gadget that can make your boyfriend or husband happy. A drone or a quadcopter is the new technology gadget used in many areas like defense, film shooting etc. There are toy drones too in the market. These are known to be costly but you can get a model that has enough features like live video streaming and recording.

27) Shaving apron

Shaving apron - Valentines day gifts for him

There is something called shaving apron that is used while shaving. The shaving apron will help him to shave without worrying about staining his clothes. He does not have to change the clothes when it is time for him to shave. He just has to wear the apron and do the work.

28) Leather wash bag

Leather wash bag - Valentines day gifts for him

He will need a bag to keep his grooming kit safe from dust and damage. Next in the list of Valentines Day gifts for him is a leather wash bag that can be used as shaving kit bag. The bag is made of leather and there are other models available in the market.

29) A Valentine water globe

A Valentine water globe

Buy one water globe that has a tiny romantic-sculpture inside the globe. The water globe in the link has a couple of bears immersed in the water and glitters. The water globe in the link comes in a box so you can just wrap it in a gift paper and gift it to your boyfriend with a greeting card.

30) Valentines Day celebration kit

Valentines Day celebration kit

The last gift in this list of Valentines day gifts for him is a Valentines day celebration set. This set includes floating candles made in the shape of heart. This set also includes small bottle of wine and other small romantic gifts. This set is for the couples to celebrate a romantic night together.

This concludes the list of Valentines Day gifts for him. The decision is yours. Surprise your valentine with one of these gifts and make this Valentines Day a memorable one!