20 Great Gift Ideas For Quilters that they Would Love

Quilting is an art that needs patience, experience, and skill. You may find difficulty in finalizing a gift for the quilter you know. Here I have listed out some gift ideas for quilters that can be considered while selecting a gift for quilters.

20 Best gift ideas for Quilters

gift ideas for quilters

1. Quilting Clips


First gift in my quilting gifts list is a set of quilting clips. These clips are used by quilters to hold layers of fabric while quilting or stitching. This helps them to keep the layers aligned. The alternative method is to use pins, but this will put holes in the fabric. The quilting clips can be used even when you are using a sewing machine. For a quilter, quilting clips are necessary to do the work with precision. The clip set in the link has 50 small clips and has 10 big clips. Buy this set and gift it to the quilter you know. it is best gift for quilters

2. Night Light

Night Light

While searching for gifts for quilters I found this night light . The light comes with a 4-watt bulb and an additional replacement bulb. This is one of the perfect quilting gifts and the quilter can keep it connected to any power outlet. The plug of this night light is rotatable and hence, it is easy to plug into outlets in any direction. I am sure your quilter friend is going to love this gift from you.

3. Sewing room art

Sewing room art

Next gift that came to my mind while searching for gift ideas for quilters was a wall art that depicts the life of a quilter. You can make it yourself and frame it. Write in a fancy way like the art frame in the link. The link will take you to a sewing room art that has something written about quilting. The quilting wall art can be hung anywhere inside your house and picture frame will add class to your room décor. You can get other quilting wall arts from online or other stores.

4. Gypsy cutting Gizmo


Next gift in my list of quilting gifts is an accessory that can be used by quilters for easy quilting. A Gypsy cutter is used to separate chain-pieced segments that can be used for quilting tops. This helps the quilter to cut these pieces without hurting her or his fingers. The rubberized base helps the gizmo to stand on a table top without slipping while cutting the stitched pieces. The Gypsy cutter in the link is purple in color and you can replace the cutting blade with a razor blade.

5. Quilter’s travel case


A Quilter’s travel case is the perfect gift for a travelling quilter. The case in the link has inner storage compartments to keep quilting tools. You have a mesh pocket to keep quilting blocks so that you can complete them while traveling. This can be held firmly using the elastic straps. The traveling case also includes velcroed pin cushion, elastic loops, and felt needle pad. The travel case comes with a shoulder strap that can be detached. This Quilter’s travel case can be considered as one of the gifts for quilters.

6. Keychain


Gift is not always about the cost, it is also about the thought put behind the selection of a gift. Next one in my list of quilting gifts is a keychain. The keychain in the link is silver plated in a way to give it an ancient silver color. You can see that this gives a vintage style to the keychain. The quilter is going to love this gift because the keychain has a Quote to the key ring.

7. Quilter’s coffee mug

Quilter’s coffee mug

While searching for gift ideas for quilters, I stumbled upon this Quilter’s coffee mug that is made of ceramic. The mug has quilting patterns printed on it and you can get your personalized message also printed on the mug at the time of placing the order. The coffee mug in the list is microwave safe. This can be a perfect gift for those who loves quilting.

8. Ornaments


We use ornaments to decorate our house during festivals like Christmas and personalized ornaments can be great addition to the list of gifts for quilters.

9. Quilting Leather Watch

Quilting Leather Watch

The next item in the list of quilting gifts is a leather watch that is particularly designed for quilters. The quilting leather watch in the list has a dial with a quilting theme. The leather strap is brown in color and is a perfect gift for anyone who loves the art of quilting. You can order these watches from online store and also can select the dial size at the time of placing order.

10. Quilting bracelet

Quilting bracelet

Another gift that you can consider while searching for gift ideas for quilters is a quilting jewelry. Here I am referring to a bracelet that is designed keeping the quilters in mind. These charms are elegant and will surely make a quilter happy. The bracelet is silver plated and is adjustable to fit to any wrist (6 inch to 8.5 inch). This can be gifted to a quilter for any occasion like birthday, Christmas etc.

11. Quilting Patterns

Quilting patternsThe next gift item in the list of gifts for quilters is a set of puzzles that will provide refreshment from the quilting job. The set in the link has 1000 pieces and depicts quilting patterns. This can be a unique gift to the quilter and I am sure she or he would not have expected a gift like this. You may feel that this is a toy but having a little fun in between the job is necessary. This can be played by anyone older than 13 years.

12. I’d Rather Be Quilting Quilter GIfts T-Shirt

I'd Rather Be Quilting Quilter GIfts T-Shirt

Displaying one’s personality is the best weapon used to break out a conversation. With the ideology of expressing your true self, this t-shirt comes with a very attractive design display. Made from 100% cotton, this tee shirt is bound to give you the snug comfort even while you start a session quilting!


13. Presser foot kit


What is a presser foot kit? Quilting feet is the part where your needle and thread combine together to make a stitch. This part is usually made of steel. The foot kit in the link contains all the possible feet that can be used with a particular sewing machine only. But you can get the foot kit for all the models and before buying this gift get an idea about your loved one’s sewing machine. Usually foot kit includes pearl attaching presser foot, quilt presser foot, edge sewing presser foot, quilt presser foot, and applique presser foot.

14. Knitting bag


If you searching for gift ideas for quilters, a knitting bag can be a great choice. Knitting bag helps you to keep your yarn balls in an organized manner. Knitting is a hobby and profession among quilters. The only difference is that you have to use your hands for knitting. Not only that you can use this bag as a travelling case to carry the knitting yarn balls. The bag in the link has 6 compartments to keep 6 different colors of threads and to knit them you do not have to take the yarn ball out of the bag. The bag comes with a shoulder bag to carry it around easily.

15. Sewing Machine


Well sewing machine is one of the most common quilting gifts that you can present to a quilter. There are so many models and types of sewing machines used for different purposes. Depending upon your budget you can either buy a free-arm sewing machine or computerized sewing machine. The sewing machine in the first link can be used to stitch embroidery and has 25 pre-set designs. The machine in the second link is a computerized sewing machine with extension table.

16. Quilter’s desk diary


While searching for unique gift ideas for quilters, I found this quilter’s desk diary. The quilters desk diary in the link has its pages filled with different quilting patterns. The designs given in this diary are from projects done by quilters. I am sure that your friend is going to appreciate this gift because this helps her or him to take the quilting skills further.

17. Quilter’s Books


Next gift in the list of gifts for quilters is a quilting guide. The book in the link is a guide for the beginners on how to quilt, how to do patch works (in different shapes), tips for quilting, different types of quilting, and quilting patterns for them to try. If the quilter you know is not a beginner you can gift a quilter’s books with more complex patterns and styles.

18. Sewing machine bagsewing-machine-bag

A quilter will make sure that his machine is clean and protected from dust. If you are searching for gift ideas for quilters, consider a sewing machine bag. The bag in the link is perfect for traveling quilters because this bag allows him to carry the sewing machine easily. You can even gift a sewing machine trolley that is easy to carry. Both the bags have different compartments to take the quilting accessories along with the sewing machine.

19. Sewing needles set


Like the sewing machine, needles are also essential for a quilter to make beautiful quilts. Next, in my list of quilting gifts is sewing needles set. The sewing needle set in the link has 60 multi-sized needles and one threader. With the 60 needles 5 big eye needles are also included. The hand needles are made of stainless steel and you can use these needles for different purposes. The pack comes with roll needle case to keep the needles safe.

20. Quilting squares pack


The last gift in the list of gifts for quilters is a pack of quilting squares that can be used by the quilter to make different designs. The quilter is going to be excited by seeing this quilting squares pack. The pack in the link contains 48 squares (12 prints and 4 squares for each print). Cutting quilt squares is not an easy task, so this pack will help your friend to make a quilt masterpiece easily.

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