40 indoor Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year, the holiday season. After that, comes the New Year, so for more than a week you will be in celebration frenzy. Very few know that this season is also called Christmastide.

I cherish the memories of Christmas celebrations, by cooking delicious dishes, presenting gifts and of course Christmas decorations.


Christmas is a season of joy and what joy without decoration. Many would consider decoration to be a herculean task while the fact is that it is not so. You can choose different themes for different rooms, doors, windows and transform your house into a Christmas Haven. Here we are going to explore the Christmas decoration ideas to set a festive mood throughout the house for this Christmas season. We take a look at some of the most exciting Christmas decoration ideas that would accentuate the Christmas joy of celebration:-

  • Create a Christmas Calendar

    Traditionally, Christmas season is called the Advent season.  You can use an old cardboard and paint it white in the background and tape the border with colored paper. On it you can build an advent calendar with numbers starting from 1 to 25, planning the activities and events. Create a 5X5 table and use the paint to write (paint) the number and the event. You can use multiple colors to differential the dates. Just make sure that you have the right colors. If you are averse to paint, you can even stick a white paper on the cardboard sheet and then use colored pens or markers to write on it.

Christmas colors


  • Hang up charms on your Christmas Calendar:

    Charms have an important role in Christmas celebration since ages signifying untold messages. You can suspend the charms based on the event on a particular date, say getting a Christmas tree, reindeer day, Elf day, Santa’s visit and of course the eventual Christmas day. You can find the required charms from nearby Christmas store or online.

Enamel Charms

  • Build a portfolio of Christmas Cards

    Hunt your house for those old Christmas greeting cards. Use a glittery red embroidery thread to hang those greeting cards. They can be tied at the entrance of your room. These cards would serve as chronicle of Christmas celebrations in your family, much like a timeline but with a classical touch!Polyester embroidery

  • Get yourself a Christmas tree

    Historians say that the practice of building a Christmas tree was a Celtic custom, a decorated ever-green tree like Spruce or even an artificial tree. The Christmas tree can be placed in your living room where there is enough space to accommodate it. You can buy different types or sizes of tree in the market, and are available even online. I was searching for a Christmas tree and I found that there are store which offer trees with lights and stands which will be ideal for my Christmas decorations. So even if you do not have enough time to decorate your Christmas tree, you need not worry.

christmas tree


  • Create a balloon arch


    This requires a sturdy, arched metal or plastic rod or tube that can be firmly bent to a semicircle. Get Red  and white balloons. Inflate about 5-6 of each color and see the area they cover so that you get a measure of the number of balloons required. Get a light weight rope and tie one end of it to the base of the arch and secure them to a light weight rope.  Twine the rope across the arch so that it covers the length of the arch. Attach the balloons to the rope by means of a plaster to complete the arch.

light weight rope

  • Use ample Christmas lights

    The tradition of Christmas lights goes back to use of candles in ancient times to decorate the houses for Christmas. I like to decorate the indoor stairs with these little fairy lights and the flickering of colorful lights. This is one of the common Christmas decoration ideas. There are so many choices in the market for these fancy lights. There are solar charged lights that come in different colors and are waterproof making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor decorations.LED lights



  • Decorate yourself and all at home with a Santa cap

    Santa cap is one of the most common and inexpensive Christmas decorations we see in all houses. The Christmas decoration ideas that feature Santa cap – are covering the top of the chairs with Santa caps or keeping it as a tree topper. Get two Santa caps stuck at your door too. Visitors would find it inviting. Also, make sure everyone at home wears the cap!

santa cap

  • Get nostalgic with the Lantern lights

    Christmas decoration ideas do not have an end. The lantern lights can be used in Christmas decorations for kitchen. You can hang 4 or 8 lantern lights to give your kitchen a celebration mood and also will motivate you to cook special and delicious Christmas dishes. You may buy these lantern lights from store or you can make them at home with candles and color papers.

paper lantern


  • Build a Crib

    This is the Nativity scene that symbolizes Jesus’s birth in the stable. The essential figures in this scene are infant Jesus, Mary and Joseph. You can also include some domestic animal figurines. Use copious amount of grass and white cotton to create that effect of Christmas. In fact, you can give this task to the kids. I am sure; it would come out amazingly well.

heartwoman regal

  • Get the Christmas stars to shine

    We use stars to decorate in Christmas season to symbolize the guiding Bethlehem star. Christmas stars come in different colors, sizes, lengths and even the number of arms differs. The Battery Operated star shaped LED fairy lights are pretty and can be used to decorate your door.

Warm white LED


  • Ornament your house with Christmas wreath

    Before saying about Christmas wreaths let me explain what a wreath is. The meaning of wreath from a Christian religion perspective is that it symbolizes eternity, unending circle of life. You can use Christmas wreaths to decorate your doors, stairs, and above your mantel. For ages this has been the simple and common item in Christmas decorations. If the Christmas Wreath has ‘Merry Christmas” written, it will be perfect for the occasion.

christmas wreath

  • Garland your Christmas tree and staircase

    Christmas garland is the next in Christmas decoration ideas. You will get different types of Christmas garlands in the market. Some will be made of pinecone shapes and some will have small Christmas bells on it. You can decorate your stairs with garlands along with the fairy lights. I even use garlands to wrap my Christmas tree (silver colored garland) to give it an elegant look.

national tree

  • Decorate the mantel with stockings

    The Christmas stockings are the sock shaped empty bags that children hang on Christmas tree or their bed in Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus can fill the stockings with toys, gifts and even coins. Even though you can hang these in anywhere, hanging above the mantel at your house can give a holiday feel. You will get a wide range of Christmas stockings in different colors and designs in shops for Christmas decorations.

Oven gloves stockings


  • Decorate your Christmas tree

    These are simple decorations used to festoon your Christmas tree. These can take shapes from round balls and small stars to even artistic designs. Even though Christmas ornaments are mainly used to decorate Christmas trees, you can also use them to decorate your kitchen ceiling. Use Christmas tree skirts – These are the little skirts that go around the stand of the tree at the bottom to give a festive look. You will get drum shaped or circle shaped tree skirt. The Santa and Frosty friends Christmas tree skirt marketed by Imperial caught my attention when I was searching for a tree skirt which has something on it about Christmas.

Tree skirt

  • Create a Christmas garden with Mini trees

    Mini Trees are very tiny artificial trees that resemble the Christmas tree. These can be used to decorate your dining table or study table to give the feel of Christmastide. You will get variety of types of mini trees in the market even online. These Mini Trees will make your day while decorating your table. Use the figurines of Santa, animals, or angels to decorate your study table or top of the mantel along with the mini trees.

mini tress


  • Hanging candles

    This is one of the Christmas decorations that can be made at home. I was searching for Christmas decoration ideas that can be applied to empty cans in my garage. We can make use of these empty cans if you have wax at home. It is not necessary that it should be tea cans. Any shape would be okay and you can even paint the can. Once they are ready hang them in the kitchen or hallway.

Hanging candles tea light

  • Rustic Christmas decoration:

    Giving a rustic touch to your Christmas decoration ideas will bring pleasure and warmth to the Christmas season. This can be done on the drawers or wooden planks which are kept in the living room. You may keep candles on the stands and on the wall you may keep a Christmas wreath. If the colors of the wreath and candle stands are matching this gives a grand look.

Rustic decoration

  • Mantel decoration with reindeer

    According to the Christmas folklore, the sleigh of Santa Claus is pulled by flying reindeers, so they also have importance in the Christmas decorations. You can use a paper reindeer to decorate the wall above your mantel and two white wreaths in both the sides. At the end hang the stockings on the mantel piece and this will give a warm welcome to the visiting Santa Claus.

Reindeer decorations

  • Decorate your window with hanging Christmas wreaths

    This is a simple and easy decoration that you can do on your windows. Hang Christmas wreaths, using ribbons of different colors. It is good if its color is contrast to the window paint. Hang them from the curtain rod.

Christmas wreaths


  • Decorate your living room with ribbons

    Your living room will light up if you decorate with these shining ribbons. When I say ribbons these are wide ribbons (3” or more). Commonly used colors are gold and white. Tie them into bows and hang them on the Christmas tree or along the mantel borders. You can even tie these to the indoor staircase handrail.

Decoration with ribbons

  • Decorate your kitchen with candy canes

    You can use those beautiful candy canes to decorate your kitchen to give a festive look. Candy canes or peppermint sticks are cane-shaped candies flavored with peppermint. They come with red and white stripes. You can even hang the replica of candy canes to decorate your kitchen and give a candy shop feeling.

candy cones

  • Artificial snow decoration

    Christmas falls in winter season and it will be snow everywhere outside. So nothing is more delightful to decorate your Christmas tree or staircase handrail with fake snow. You will get these in Christmas decorations store.

instant snow polymer

  • Decorate the Christmas tree with baubles

    This is another one of simple and common Christmas decoration ideas. You will get to buy baubles from anywhere in the market during the Christmas season. They come with little strings attached to them so that you can hang them anywhere you want. Hang them on your Christmas tree but ensure that you are not hanging too many baubles on the tree.



  • Christmas tree decorations on doors

    This is another Christmas decorations idea. In this we can make design of Christmas tree with fairy lights on the doors and decorate further with small candy canes or baubles.


  • Red and white balloons on the staircase

    Another idea to decorate the staircase is using the helium balloons. The classic colors for Christmas decorations are red and white, so I would prefer those two colors in order to ornament your staircase.


  • Star on the window curtain

    This can be done in two ways. You can buy small stars as many as you want in different colors and hang them on the window curtain or else you can buy fairy lights in the shape of stars and hang them between the curtain and window to give a party feeling.

Window decoration

  • Garlands on the mantel

    This Christmas decoration is done by hanging the “Merry Christmas” wish along with the garlands around the mantel. You can use green garlands or gold color garlands according to your taste.  If you can use pre-lit garlands, then you do not need to search for separate fairy lights.

Branch GarlandButton

  • Vintage style Christmas decoration

    This is a different style in Christmas decoration ideas. For this you can use empty or old book shelf. Each compartment of the shelf can be decorated using different Christmas ornaments. Stick a white fairy light along the 4 sides of the shelf. You can use baubles, small stars, snowflakes, stockings, candy canes or mini Christmas trees to decorate the book shelf. It will look like a different world of Christmas decorations and will delight your grandparents since it will give a nostalgic feeling to them.

Plastic glitter snowflake

  • Red and white to decorate dining room

    Use the colors red and white to decorate your dining room or living room. Hang red or white stars from the ceiling and use combination of these two colors for windows curtains and table cloths. If your living room and dining room is combined use red and white baubles or other Christmas ornaments in these colors to decorate the mantel and surroundings.

Dining room decoration

  • Making your dining table worth the celebration

    There are many color combinations that you can use for dining table decoration during Christmas. Even though red and white is the common combination you can use green and red (Christmas elves colors) or gold and silver colors. Use a table runner of green color with prints and use the tablecloth of red color. If you prefer to use white and red use a table runner in red and tablecloth in white color.


  • Get those christmas bells ringing 

    The Christmas bells are another kind of Christmas ornaments that can be used for decorating almost anything? You can use these beautiful bells to adorn your Christmas decorations. You can just hang single bells from ceiling, or can stick Christmas bell pendant to the doors or windows.

single bells

  • Christmas tree in bedroom

    This is one of the innovative Christmas decoration ideas, that use wooden sticks, nails, fairy lights and Christmas ornaments to make a traditional and classic Christmas tree for your bedroom. Nail the wooden sticks to your bedroom wall in a pyramid shape and ornament it with the fairy lights and other tiny Christmas decoration items.


  • Christmas wall stickers

    This is for those busy folks who do not have enough time for other conventional decoration methods. This is very easy, buy the stickers and glue it to the wall. You can use a wreath sticker for mantel, Christmas tree sticker for living room wall, hanging bauble stickers for kitchen and Santa stickers for the kid’s room.

christmas wreath 1Button

  • Pine cones garlands over the window

    You can ornament your windows and doors with pinecone garlands. You can get them from an online store. Even natural pine cone garlands are available in the market. These garlands can be used anywhere, be it window, door, mantel or kitchen.

natural pinecone galand

  • Christmas cookie decoration

    Yes, you heard it right. Decorate your dining table with Christmas cookies in the shape of Christmas charms. These can be in the shape of snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas tree or Christmas star. Decorate one plate with these delightful snacks and place it on the table runner; I am sure the kids would be happier than anybody else.


  • Dress-up your pet

    This may seem different, but it would be a great idea to let your pet also enjoy the Christmas season. Dress up your pet in Santa Claus dress with tiny Christmas bells and reindeer antler hair band.  Let it celebrate too! If the poor thing is uncomfortable, drop this idea.

pets in christmas

  • Carve out the Greeting cards

    You can carve out greeting cards of the same design and hang them from the ceiling or on the Christmas tree using the golden twine. If you do not have enough time to make the decorations yourself you can buy them as packs that are made especially for decoration purposes.

greetings card


  • Ceiling with magic stars

    Light up your Christmas Eve with magic stars, glowing planets and shapes. You can buy the kit with glowing small shapes and stick them to your ceilings and wall to give you a different feeling at night. Lying on the bed, with the lights off, you would be staring at the sky!

Star explosion

  • Mercury candles

    For an opaque and frosty look make a mercury glass vase. You can do that by misting the water and spraying glass paint. Light the candles when the guests come and you will give out a pleasant vibe to them. Christmas has arrived!

Mercury candles

  • Stockings and staircase

    Even though tradition has it that the right place for stockings is the mantel, it is not a hard and fast rule. So try hanging a few of them on the staircase. Hang them one by one on the staircase handrail to take Christmas decorations to next level. Santa’s aura is indeed in the air and let everyone feel it!


With this I sum up the 40 ideas that came up in my mind at first thought. Some of these are traditional while some have tinges of creativity. Christmas is a festival of sharing joy and happiness. It is on occasion when we welcome one and all, and exchange gifts. With these ideas you can get your home all the more inviting and your guests would love it! I am sure if each one of you put pen to thought you would come up with hundreds of innovative ideas for indoor decoration. Merry Christmas Folks!