20 Unique Gift Ideas For Fitness Freaks

One famous quote reads “The best project you will ever work on is you”. Nobody understands this better than the fitness freaks. The arduous work outs that they do are testimonials of their determination and strong will.

Gift Ideas For Fitness Freaks

I am sure you must have come across at least a couple of such individuals who believe that sweat is their best companion. If you ever think of getting gifts for fitness lovers, this article would serve as the perfect guide. Let me segregate the fitness gift ideas into two broad categories – the fitness gifts for men and the fitness gifts for women. Well, there can be many that feature in both of these categories. Read on.

Best Gift Ideas For Fitness Freaks

Fitness Gifts For Men

1. Sipper


The first one in the list of fitness gift ideas for men is Sipper. Exercising for men is usually a bit more physical in nature. Blame it on their hormone or their mental makeup, they tend to spend long hours at the gym too. Often, the need to remain hydrated is over looked. This is why the Sipper features as the first one in my list of fitness gifts for men.

Find a sipper made of quality material that is both safe as well as light-weight. I found one online  and immediately fell in love with the asymmetric shape that makes quite a huge style statement too.

2. Dumb bell Set


A dumb bell set can be one of the perfect fitness gift ideas for a man intending to work out from home. Some would have fitness goals that they’d like to achieve from the comfort of their home. A dumbbell like the one that I found online can help them in achieving it. This particular one is made of cast iron and is quite sturdy. The protective colorful coating adds to the appeal. Find a similar one for him from a nearby sports/gym accessories shop or order one online.

3. Pedometer


This is especially for the one who is involved in walking, jogging, running etc. and intends to keep a track of their steps, and calories burnt. I found one such pedometer online. The pedometer can be one of the gifts for fitness lovers who have just started taking their fitness levels seriously. The pedometers are being replaced by functionally broader devices that offer various syncing options. We will talk about those later. You can get a pedometer in the form of wrist-wear so that you do not have to worry about misplacing it.

4. Fit-bitfit-bit

The next one in my fitness gift ideas list is a Fitbit tracker. This is one of the perfect gifts for fitness lovers who work out a lot. He can track his active time, the distance travelled, calories burned and even steps taken. This will keep them motivated to continue working out to be fit and healthy. You can buy many models from online and when you buy fitness gifts for men get one which is rain, sweat and splash proof.

5. Gym baggym-bag

A trip to the gym or a fitness center requires some preparation. One needs to carry certain items like towels, sippers, tracksuits etc. that would be useful during their stint at that place. A trendy gym bag is always a one of the good fitness gift ideas for men and women too.

You can find one from a local store or even order one online. Be sure that the bag that you buy has multiple compartments to store clothes, shoes and other items. It also has to be quite spacious to accommodate any other equipment that can be carried to the work out place.

6. Sports shoes


Footwear is a mandatory requirement for any activity and using the right foot wear is important. Certain fitness activities require specific footwear without which it would be unsafe. So, I am including the sports shoes as one of the fitness gifts for men. Find a good pair of sport shoes with a rubber sole that offers better gripping ability like this one which I stumbled upon at an online portal. This is light-weight while being of exceptional quality.

7. Gym gloves


Another gift in my list of fitness gift ideas is the gym gloves for men. This is a perfect accessory for those who goes to gym and does weightlifting often. When you buy gym gloves, buy one which is comfortable, durable and has enough grip. Gym gloves can be one in the list of gifts for fitness lovers.

8. Work out DVDwork-out-dvd

Certain exercises need proper instructions to excel in doing them. Thanks to the development in technology, we get DVDs of workouts, aerobics, and other exercises. These discs can be quite handy in adhering to your fitness regimen within the walls of your home. So, this set of workout DVDs can be presented as one of the fitness gifts for men, both beginners as well as experts.

You get to choose the DVDs based on levels of expertise. I found this “Insanity Fast and Furious DVD workout” online that claims to have results in a span of just 20 minutes! If weight loss from home is one of the objectives, home work out DVD can be considered.

9. Knee band


For those involved in heavy activities like lifting weights or similar kind of exercises the lower body is significant. But, it is often ignored and would return to trouble you. Taking care of the knees is one such aspect that is often overlooked.

So, I present the knee bands as potential fitness gifts for men. Choose one that has better adjustment options, is made of high quality material and is easy to wash. Buy one from a sports goods store or online and show him that you care.

10. Whey Protein


There can be no better fitness gifts for men who are striving to build their muscle than supplements to add to their extensive work out at the gym. This is one of the best fitness gifts for men who are specific about building their muscles. The Whey Protein supplement helps him both increase as well as maintain lean muscle mass without gaining that extra flab.

The muscle building qualities of whey are globally accepted and adopted. You can find a quality Whey Protein pack from a medical or departmental store. You can also order one online.

Fitness Gifts For Women

1. Hair band


Hair adds to the grace of women. Most women have longer hair than men and I must admit those locks are quite an ornament themselves. However, those beautiful hair strands, if left free can be quite a distraction while exercising or even jogging. Workout hair band is the first one in my list of fitness gift ideas for women. This is where the hair band features itself as one of the best fitness gifts for women.

2. Sports outfit


Embarking on a fitness regimen calls for special costumes. You do not go to gym or for jogging wearing formal attire. Attire is the next among my list of gifts for fitness lovers. This is a pair of high waisted women’s workout leggings. I am sure you would also rate this as one of the coolest fitness gifts for women and start planning to buy a similar one for her.

3. Towelstowels

Towels would be needed to absorb your sweat and would be of use during the breaks while exercising. Also, after an arduous workout it is usually time for a shower. So, it is hard to find a gym kit with a good towel. This makes this gift item one of the best gifts for fitness lovers.

The one that I came across online has qualities like high absorption ratio, hygienic coating, and light weight to make it a preferred choice among towel shoppers. Find a similar one and gift it to that fitness freak. Be sure to get one that is in a color of her choice.

4. Ankle socks


A pair of ankle socks can be given as gifts for fitness lovers, both men and women alike. But here I am going to specify a set of ankle socks that I found online and it suits the women folks best. Take a look at this. This is a set of 20 pairs of ankle socks that can fit shoe sizes 6 to 12. You get a wide array of colors to choose from and can wear it to match the outfit or the shoes. These are lightweight, soft and hence comfortable to wear.

5. Arm band


When somebody is involved in any exercise or activity that brings drops of sweat on your face, an arm band is a must. Though sweat is considered the best companion of your body if it finds its way into your eyes, it can be quite an irritant. Using a towel all the time, would be a major distraction to the heavy physical activity that goes on.

So, an arm band would be a perfect ploy to prevent the sweat from rolling down to your eyes. Get a set of arm bands, may be a 4 inch wide one. This would be one of the good fitness gift ideas for both men as well as women. Women would definitely love the colorful ones!

6. Weighing scale


Among the fitness gifts for women this one could well be the one they would use with caution. I mean they would hate to see a higher value in the reading. Most women are quite conscious about their weight and would like to measure it every morning as soon as they wake up. This makes the weighing scale  an ideal partner in keeping their mass intact. You get both analog and digital weighing scales with the digital ones being the popular choice due to its low weight, high accuracy and better readability. If you have not considered this item in your fitness gift ideas it is time to think again.

7. Swimsuit


If the woman you are planning to surprise is involved in swimming, the swimsuit would prove to be one of the best fitness gift ideas. Unlike other sports and fitness activities, swimming requires special clothes that need to be used while in a swimming pool. An attractive and elegant swimsuit is always one among the best fitness gifts for women. You do get to choose from many different varieties and colors to surprise that special fitness freak in your circle with a special gift tailor made for her that also looks great on her!

8. Skipping rope


When it comes to fitness with fun there is very little fitness gifts for women that can compete with the skipping rope. Besides the fun and excitement it evokes, the skipping also happens to be the best cardio workout. It helps to improve stamina as well as promotes the maximum weight loss, all being done in a healthy way. This is one activity that would be used by both newbies as well as experienced fitness freaks for both mild and heavy workouts. Go, get a good skipping rope similar to the one shown here and surprise her.

9. Energy drink

Energy Drink

Exercises involving physical activity can be quite taxing to one body. Especially, for women if they are not properly hydrated it may lead to over exertion and other complications. This is why I consider an energy drink that provides your body both the required nutrients. Getting the much needed energy in the right form is vital. It is better to have a preservative free, gluten free energy drink in your gym bag.

10. A pair of Sneakers

A pair of Sneakers

This item finds its place among generic fitness gifts for women. A pair of sneakers is something everyone would love to have. It can be used for both running and jogging or just for a mildly physical activity like walking. Sneakers can be used both outdoor as mentioned earlier or even indoors like while running in a treadmill or even while working out at the gym. Notably it is also known as athletic shoes, gym boots, training shoes, tennis shoes etc. Find a pair of sneakers from a nearby footwear store or order one online. Make sure that you order one that is of the right size.

This concludes the list of gifts for fitness lovers; select one that suites your loved one best. Also, you can find more information about unusual gifts for cyclists.