How People At Different Ages Celebrate Their Birthdays?

Many of us are interested in exploring the birthday parties of our friends and relatives. If you wish to know how do people celebrate their birthdays at different ages, read on. Irrespective of the age, birthdays are special and they need some celebrations.

Particularly, when it turns out to be milestone years, like 30, 40, 50 and particularly 60, there should be celebrations to cheer yourself up for the forthcoming days or years of hard work and dedication. If you are planning for the birthday gifts and celebrations for different ages, here are some birthday gift ideas.30th birthday gift ideas

30 years:


30th birthday gift ideas


Generally, when a man reaches his 30, he will be single in many countries of the world. If this is the case, these individuals plan for an outing with their friends to enjoy the occasion and to make it the most memorable. Most people think that 30 is a year that sucks. So, if you wish to encourage your friend, who turns 30, give him a gift that reads that 30 is not something that sucks, but it rocks.

You can opt for gifts like a coffee mug with these words to motivate your friend. You can arrange for a surprise outing for him as well. These are some of the best 30th birthday gift ideas.

40 years:


40th birthday gift ideas


When it comes to turning 40, it is something intimidating for a number of people. Many people experience feelings of stress, sadness, and depression as they reflect over their life so far. Even though these feelings are normal and understandable, there are dozens of reasons to feel excited about this age and also the years to come.

At this age, one should be wiser and older and should be more comfortable in his/her own skin. So, this birthday should be honored appropriately. Anything as per the interest of the birthday man/lady like volunteering, visiting an orphanage, camping, a holiday outing or a party can be planned. Irrespective of the choice, the relatives can look for the best 40th birthday gift ideas online to choose the right gift for him/her.

50 years:


50th birthday gift ideas


Without any doubt, half a century of life deserves celebrations. This is why this year is called as golden year celebrations. You can prepare a memorabilia with all the past accomplishments of the birthday man or lady and this can be one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas.

Most people from around the world celebrate their 50th birthday with a party and at this stage the kids would have been grown to a certain stage, and they know the importance of their dad or mom and they always wish to show their love towards their parents. So, if this is your spouse’s birthday, you can get ideas from your kids as well to surprise him on his birthday. He will surely be enthralled to get gifts made for him by his kids.

60 years:


60th birthday gift ideas


In some countries of the world 60th birthday is celebrated in a highly traditional manner. For instance, in countries like India, the man at his 60 again gets married to his wife and his kids and in the case of individuals with grandchildren everyone joins together to get the blessings from the man, who turns 60. Celebrations can be planned in a similar manner and if not wedding, the individual can be taken to the place, where his wedding was conducted several decades ago.

It is a landmark event that calls for something extra and so you should be careful about selecting the best from the 60th birthday gift ideas that you can find online. Most people suggest that a personalized gift that will be of high help to the birthday man or lady can be the best choice to make the gift most memorable.


Most people do not forget the celebrations of their milestone birthdays like 30, 40, 50 and 60. Even though some tend to forget, they do not want this to happen. This is where photographs and video graphs are coming handy these days. Regardless of the celebrations, you plan as per your tradition and the environment in which you live, it is better to take pictures such that moments can be cherished for several decades to come.

In general, the maturity level improves with age and so the celebrations that a man/lady expects in his 30 birthday will slowly vanish when he ages and thereafter it becomes the responsibility of his children and loved ones to remember his birthday. Even, some do not want to remind that they are getting one year older and this is why they do not want to celebrate their birthdays. But, milestone years should never be missed. With photos and videos of the event, it will be easier to compare not just the celebrations, but also how the looks of your loved ones have changed with each decade passing by.