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20 Gifts Suggestions to Get In Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Good Books!

20 Gifts Suggestions to Get In Your Boyfriend's Mom's Good Books!

Does your boyfriend’s mother seem hard to please? Well, here’s your chance, to get in her good books! Mother’s day is right around the corner so you should surprise her with a special gift or two. However, are you confused what to buy for your would be mother-in-law? Well, worry no more; here are the top 20 mother’s day present …

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7 Best Gift Ideas that would make a Pilot Delighted

gift ideas

Getting a perfect gift idea for anyone is quite tricky. Especially for the friend who flies high for a living.  You need to get something insightful and not something that’s cheesy. So choose something that a pilot can use or enjoy. Now, there are plenty of ideas which can be presented to your aviation connoisseur. Some of them are customized …

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Teen vs. Child! The Complete Guide to Buying gifts for 14-Year-Old!

Gifts for 14-years-old

Choosing a present for kids are comfortable, selecting gifts for adults easier. But, deciding gifts for pre-teens can be stressful, especially for birthdays! Now, why is that? Just because, young adults have the most complex set of minds, they don’t realize if they’re still children or grown up. Now, having a teen, you must have experienced the daily dose of …

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How are GoodLuck Charms Promoting Optimism since time Immemorial?

Good Luck gifts

Humans are superstitious by nature. You must have done it yourself or noticed someone behave in a significant pattern catering to some beliefs, that doing an action a particular way might benefit them. Let’s take an example-The four leaf clover! Now, according to legends, growing a four leaf clover in your garden is said to bring fortune and good health …

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What Gifts would an Architect Absolutely Adore?

Gifts for Architect

Architects are a special breed. They don’t only design buildings for an office but also give the organizations a social presence. The architects are known for being thoughtful in their work. Hence, choosing gifts for Architects is not that easy as they have a keen eye for attention to detail. Some of them are also too picky about the aesthetics …

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What Does an Ideal Gift for a Dancer Look Like?

Gift for dancer

“Practice like you can’t ever win, Perform as you can never lose”- Unknown The lines mentioned above stand true for every passionate dancer out there. So, if you have a family or institute full of performers and with Christmas around the corner, your best bet is buying dancing merchandises for them. This article explains about Gift for a Dancer. Is it …

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Guidebook for Planning the Perfect Present for your 14 year old

Perfect Present

When it comes to buying the perfect present for your teenage nephew or niece, it might seem a bit difficult. The past few years, owing to globalization and the sudden surge of technology, it’s tough to comprehend what teenagers want. Now, you’ll still be the doting aunt, if you buy them cute merchandises; but, Is it really what they want? …

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Ideas and Gifts to make Mother’s Day Special for the Desi Momma!

Mothers Day

“She scolds you with a spatula in her hand, but loves you like there’s no tomorrow.”- Unknown! Indian mothers are not that hard to shop for, but often you might be questioning yourself, “Should I get her a sari?” Or “Is it okay to plan a vacation”? this article explains about Mother’s Day gift idea Now, here’s what you can …

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Make this Mother’s day unforgettable with personalized gifts

Mother's day

God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mother. Mother is indeed God’s gift to man. History is replete with innumerable instances of mother’s sacrifices for their children. The thirty six odd weeks that a mother spends carrying the child in her belly can be matched by no other human effort. How do we ever repay them for what they have …

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DIY mothers day gifts for moms in India

mothers day gifts

In this modern consumer-driven world, getting a gift is not a difficult task. You can either go to a store or you can even sit in the comfort of your home and order it online using your computer, tablet, or even a Smartphone. Mothers day is around the corner, in fact just a few weeks to go and many of …

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